Love Trumps Hate, Women's March 2017 Washington DC

Trump and climate change Policies and protests

Trump's climate policies

The US President courts controversy on a near-daily basis (just look at his Twitter feed!), but do you know what's going on behind the scenes?

From supporting coal to seeking counsel from climate-denying energy advisors – Trump's policies pose a real threat to our fragile planet.

Stupid things

Trump is known to play it fast and loose with facts.

Let's analyse the stupid things he has said about melting ice caps, Chinese conspiracies and more.

Resistance to Trump

As determined as Donald might be to wreck the planet, there are plenty of groups out there even more resolute about defending it.

These stories of resistance will put a smile on your face.

Your protest wardrobe

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How climate friendly is your community?

to help protect people and planet