2020 among warmest on record - reaction

Clear warning that bold and sweeping changes are urgently needed
  Published:  14 Jan 2021    |      1 minute read

Responding to news today that 2020 was among the top three hottest years on record, Friends of the Earth’s climate campaigner Rachel Kennerley said:

“This is yet another clear warning that climate breakdown is here and the impacts – deadly droughts, terrifying wildfires, devastating storms – are hitting us hard and fast.

“A proportionate response to the threats we face is urgently needed. This means bold and sweeping changes.

“By investing £27bn in a polluting roads programme and letting new coal mines open the UK government is still not taking the climate emergency seriously.

“The UN climate talks in Glasgow at the end of the year give the government an opportunity to finally get in gear and start delivering the changes we need to face down this crisis.”