Chancellor's 'green' recovery speech - Friends of the Earth reaction

Today in his speech the Chancellor announced support intended to drive a 'green' recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, but despite positive steps for home energy efficiency huge gaps remain in this government's plan for building a more sustainable future.
  Published:  08 Jul 2020    |      1 minute read

Friends of the Earth's head of policy, Mike Childs, said of the speech:

“This might be a green start, but it’s not yet a green recovery. While there are positive aspects regarding energy efficiency the job is not done, it’s a stepping stone on the way to greater levels of investment if it’s to be successful.

"The Chancellor said his investment will insulate 650,000 homes and create 140,000 jobs. Over the next decade, 15 million homes need insulation to eradicate fuel poverty and cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Autumn budget must spell out a multiyear funding programme on energy efficiency and a plan to switch homes from gas heating to heat pumps, as well as the obvious need for more investment in public transport, walking, cycling and nature restoration.

"With the government saying it will spend £27 billion on roads and so far only announced £3 billion extra on climate change today this is not yet the green recovery that’s clearly needed.”