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COP28: Time running out to avert catastrophic climate change

Press release
Rich, industrialised nations, who are the biggest historic polluters, must take the lead
  Published:  30 Nov 2023    |      1 minute read

Commenting on the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, which starts later today (Thursday 30 October), Rachel Kennerley, international climate campaigner at Friends of the Earth, who is attending the talks, said:

“With communities across the world increasingly battered by devastating floods, droughts, storms and heatwaves, politicians at home and abroad must step up to the plate and urgently address the climate crisis.

“Rich, industrialised countries, like the UK, which are the biggest historic polluters, must take the lead by accelerating their emission cuts and providing more finance to support countries on the frontline to develop low-carbon economies and adapt to the impacts of global heating.

“The UK’s international credibility on climate change is diminishing fast, with Rishi Sunak’s government allowing new gas and oil licenses in the North Sea, a new coal mine in Cumbria and watering down green policies.

“We need a prime minister who will champion the green economy, and the huge economic benefits this will bring - instead of repeatedly undermining it.

“A new climate action plan is urgently required to ensure our domestic and international commitments are not only met but exceeded, and to show real leadership in confronting the climate emergency.”