Current programmes won’t deliver net zero, warns government climate advisor

Press release
Home insulation programme would reduce energy demand, slash bills and cut emissions
  Published:  29 Jun 2022    |      1 minute read

Commenting on today’s Progress Report by the independent Climate Change Committee (CCC), which finds major failures in the government’s delivery programmes towards meeting its climate goals, Friends of the Earth’s head of policy Mike Childs, said:

“With its own advisor warning that only two fifths of its carbon reduction plans are credible, it’s clear that the UK government is falling woefully short on both honouring international climate change commitments and meeting its legally binding carbon targets.

“But it’s not too late to act. The lack of investment in home energy efficiency must be urgently addressed – starting with a nationwide, council-led, street-by-street home insulation programme, focussing on those most in need first. This would reduce energy demand, slash bills and significantly reduce emissions.

“Two major tests of the government’s commitment to climate change are due within weeks, as ministers are set to decide on fracking and plans for a new coal mine in Cumbia. The government must seize the opportunity to show that its talk on climate change isn’t just hot air and that it really means business.

"It must reject calls to keep the economy locked into yet more costly and polluting fossil fuels, and build a clean, safe and affordable future.”