Eco anxiety

Feeling anxious about the climate emergency?

Ease the stress and pledge to fight the climate emergency in 2020

What is eco anxiety?

From fires in Australia to floods in Indonesia, it's no wonder many of us are feeling more than a little on edge about the environment.

In episode 5 of our podcast, Climate Campaigner Muna Suleiman talks to producer Isobel, journalist Emma Beddington and psychotherapist Caroline Hickman about eco anxiety,  how to deal with stressful feelings, and why feelings of despair might actually be a good thing. For you, and the planet.  

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Take back tomorrow

It can sometimes feel as if the "big things" (like climate breakdown) are out of our control – that the future is out of our hands.

But that's not true.

Ease the stress by taking practical action with Friends of the Earth today. Our plan starts in your community.

Let’s Take Back Tomorrow.

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