Flooding in the UK

Climate breakdown will make flooding in the UK worse.

Almost every year, we see how devastating flooding can be. From Derbyshire to Caerphilly, communities have been left struggling to cope.

We desperately need greater protection against future floods.

Flooding hotspots in England and Wales

Is your community at high risk for flooding? Enter your postcode in the map below to see what’s going on in your area.


This interactive map highlights over 3,000 socially vulnerable communities that are most at risk from flooding due to their location and lack of flood defences. Typically, these areas are home to higher numbers of older and disabled people, who are likely to need more support when floods hit. And 35% of those living in these neighbourhoods are people of colour.  

The map can also be toggled to display neighbourhoods most vulnerable to extreme heat. 

Photo of re-flooded peat workings, Thorne & Hatfield Moor

Why's flooding getting worse?

The planet is warming at an unprecedented rate. As a result, sea levels have risen faster over the past 100 years than they have for at least 3,000 years, and the frequency and intensity of heavy precipitation events have increased.

We've also damaged the UK’s resilience to flooding by degrading the environment. By draining peat bogs, removing hedgerows, destroying salt marshes, concreting green spaces and building on flood plains, we've undermined the ability of the natural environment to cope.

Photo of re-flooded peat workings, Thorne & Hatfield Moor
People being rescued from a flood in a dingy

Is it possible to stop flooding?

Back in 2016, the UK government pledged £15 million for natural flood defences in England, following our campaign for better flood management. The Welsh Government subsequently allocated £2 million in Wales as well. 

But to defend the UK from floods and extreme weather, governments must do more, including: 

  • Investing more in flood defences, both natural (such as doubling tree cover) and man-made.
  • Tackling climate change at its root – by ditching fossil fuels and investing in clean energy.
People being rescued from a flood in a dingy
Flooding in Richmond, UK

Help in a flood

Are you concerned about the risk of flooding in your area? Or need help during or after a flood?

The UK government has information on what to do if a flood is coming, help during a flood, and what to do afterwards.

Flooding in Richmond, UK