Friends of the Earth on board with policy to bring back buses

Labour has released details of a new plan for a £1.3bn bus transformation fund.
  Published:  25 Apr 2019    |      1 minute read

Responding to Labour’s announcement of new funding for bus routes, Dave Timms, head of political affairs at Friends of the Earth, said:

“We welcome Labour's commitment to investing in buses. This is a sensible and progressive policy that is good news for climate change, reduced air pollution, and improved public health. Friends of the Earth has been campaigning to get the UK moving cleanly, because transport - mostly passenger cars - is our largest source of climate changing greenhouse gases.

“We need to see ambitious policies to improve public transport from all parties so that we have the critical momentum needed to get transport policy to work for people, both in how we move around and the infrastructure we use, and to minimise climate-wrecking emissions.

“Radically upgrading bus services is an important part of that. There is rightly a major focus on a rapid transition to zero emissions vehicles, but that alone is not enough if we’re serious about addressing climate chaos."

Friends of the Earth wants all parties to prioritise no and low impact travel, starting with walking, cycling and public transport becoming the most attractive and affordable options, especially in urban areas.