Government "calls in" controversial Cumbrian coal mine 

Press release
New mine would wreck climate and government credibility ahead of crucial summit.
  Published:  11 Mar 2021    |      1 minute read

Welcoming news that communities secretary Robert Jenrick has decided to "call in" Cumbria County Council’s controversial decision to grant planning permission for a new coal mine near Whitehaven, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Tony Bosworth said: 

"The Communities Secretary’s decision to call in this controversial coal mine is a startling, but very welcome U-turn.

"A new coal mine in Cumbria would not only wreck our climate, it would also destroy the UK government’s credibility ahead of crucial climate talks in Glasgow later this year. 

“Planning permission must be refused: ending coal use, whether for power generation or for industry, is crucial for facing down the climate emergency.

"It was not possible for the government to maintain, as it claimed only two months ago, that this was just a matter of local importance and the decision will now rightly be taken at national level." 

Dr Ruth Balogh of West Cumbria Friends of the Earth said:

"This shows that thousands of voices can make a huge difference.

"So many people, here in West Cumbria, and nationwide have worked so hard to raise public awareness of the vital issues this coal mine poses. Now we will get the chance to scrutinise them and come to a properly informed decision.

"This is an important victory for our shared future on planet earth."