Govt orders fracking review - reaction

Press release
We don’t need a review to know fracking is not the answer to our energy needs
  Published:  05 Apr 2022    |      1 minute read

Reacting to news that the UK government has asked the British Geological Survey to review the evidence relating to fracking, Friends of the Earth energy campaigner, Danny Gross, said:

“We don’t need a review to know that fracking is not the answer to our energy needs. The idea that shale gas extraction will significantly lower energy bills or improve energy security is pure fantasy.

“Fracking has been deeply unpopular with communities that have faced the prospect of shale gas extraction. They have stopped fracking once and, if necessary, they’ll stop it again.

“Energy efficiency and developing the UK’s vast renewable power potential are the best ways to deal with the energy crisis and bring down soaring fuel bills – and this must be the focus of the government’s upcoming energy review.”


Notes to editors

1. Friends of the Earth has published a 5 point plan to meet the UK’s energy needs:

• Reject calls for new oil and gas extraction projects

• Rapidly increase renewable power infrastructure

• Help homes get off gas

• Prioritise and fund energy efficiency with a free, street by street, loft and cavity wall insulation programme

• Introduce a windfall tax on fossil fuel companies

2. Scientific review of shale gas launched | BEIS press release