Govt set to remove ban on new coal mines from Energy Bill

Press release
It plans to remove the amendment to ban new mines from the bill at committee stage, before it reaches a vote at the Commons
  Published:  20 Jun 2023    |      1 minute read

Reacting to the news that the government is reportedly planning to remove a ban on new coal mines from the Energy Bill currently passing through parliament, which was approved as an amendment by the House of Lords in April, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, Tony Bosworth, said:

“It’s little wonder the UK is struggling to reap the huge benefits from building a clean and modern energy system while our government’s policies are stuck in the past.

“Among the world’s scientists, the UN, the UK government’s independent climate advisors and the International Energy Agency there is widespread agreement that new fossil fuel projects must end to avert climate breakdown. But ministers seem determined to ignore this advice and continue delaying the urgent transition to a zero-carbon economy needed to secure a safe, green future. 

“Coal belongs in the history books. MPs of all parties should support the Lords’ amendment, signal an end to more coal mining and focus on the UK’s immense potential for clean, renewable energy.

“Ending new fossil fuel developments and investing in energy efficiency will slash emissions, boost the economy, create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, increase energy security and help bring down our energy bills.”