Green number plates

Here’s what we think about green number plates for electric cars under government plans to encourage more zero-emission vehicles.
  Published:  23 Oct 2019    |      1 minute read

Reacting to news that the government is launching a consultation into green number plates to encourage uptake of electric vehicles, Friends of the Earth campaigner Jenny Bates said:

“With emissions from cars, vans and lorries fuelling the air pollution crisis and wrecking our climate it’s time to send transport policy in a different direction.

“Green number plates may encourage some people to choose cleaner cars, but if ministers really want to boost the take-up of electric vehicles they should introduce more charging points and better financial incentives.

“A national scrappage scheme is urgently needed too, to help fund a switch to a cleaner vehicle or greener transport alternative – such as car club membership, a rail season ticket or even an e-bike loan.

“It’s not just exhaust emissions that are the problem: brake and tyre wear produces the most health-damaging fine particle pollution. So the only real solution to the impact of road transport is to cut traffic levels.

“This means ending the multi-billion pound road-building programme and prioritising investment in affordable and efficient public transport, and safer cycling and walking facilities.”