HS2 gets green light

A costly and damaging mistake, says Friends of the Earth
  Published:  11 Feb 2020    |      1 minute read

Reacting to the government’s decision to give the go-ahead to HS2, Friends of the Earth’s campaigns director, Jamie Peters, said:

“HS2 is a costly and damaging mistake which will threaten wildlife, destroy ancient woodlands and do nothing to reduce climate-wrecking pollution.

“Anyone who has tried to take public transport recently can tell you why building HS2 is completely the wrong decision. The estimated £100 billion earmarked for this project would be better spent fixing the dilapidated commuter rail network and funding other initiatives to encourage people out of their cars.

“The government’s £5 billion sweetener on bus and cycling infrastructure is a nod in the right direction but falls way short of the investment required to build the low carbon transport infrastructure that the climate crisis demands.”


1. Friends of the Earth says £1 billion a year (£5 billion over 5 years) for buses and cycling is far from adequate. The environment organisation says the government should be spending annually:

• £2 billion on cycling

• £1.3 billion on buses

• £1 billion on trams

• £5.52 billion on fixing existing railways.

HS2 is a costly and damaging mistake.