Larne Lough: Campaigners lose legal challenge over environmentally destructive development

Press release
Lawyers to consider judgement before deciding next steps in campaign
  Published:  31 Aug 2023    |      1 minute read

The High Court of Northern Ireland has today found against local campaigners No Gas Caverns and Friends of the Earth NI over their legal challenge against a hugely controversial fossil fuel development planned for Larne Lough.

Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland director, James Orr, said:

“This is an incredibly disappointing judgement for our environment and the local community who have fought so tirelessly against this hugely destructive scheme.

“This project will have a devastating impact on the local environment and wildlife, and significantly increase Northern Ireland’s contribution to the climate crisis.

“But the campaign against these gas caverns is far from over. Our lawyers will carefully consider this judgement before deciding our next steps against this reckless development.

“The companies behind this project are on the wrong side of history. In the midst of a climate emergency, we should be seizing the huge economic benefits that come from focussing on energy efficiency and renewable power – not prioritising more costly and polluting fossil fuel schemes.”


Notes to editors

A Friends of the Earth NI and  No Gas Caverns press release ahead of the High Court of Northern Ireland hearing on 2 May 2023 - which contains details of the case - is here:

2. No Gas Caverns website.