Meat and dairy barely mentioned in govt's food strategy

The new strategy ignores many of the recommendations made as part of an independent review
  Published:  14 Jun 2022    |      1 minute read

Reacting to the government’s food strategy, which has been published today in a new white paper, Clare Oxborrow, senior sustainability analyst at Friends of the Earth, said:

“The government promised it would revolutionise our broken food system. Instead, it has chosen to ignore much of the vision and ambition set out in Henry Dimbleby’s review.

“Ministers can’t seem to grasp that a thriving, resilient, food and farming system must be built on the foundations of a healthy environment. Meat and dairy production is a key driver of climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, yet there’s barely any mention of it in the new strategy.

“While it’s positive that the government will investigate how best to encourage healthier, and more sustainable eating, meat and dairy must be a focal point of this. If we’re to meet our climate goals, we need to see a dramatic reduction in the amount eaten. This is still possible, but the government must support nature-friendly farming alongside a mantra of eating less, but better quality meat and dairy.”