Net Zero Review urges faster action

Press release
Government must turn up the dial on its failing climate efforts
  Published:  13 Jan 2023    |      1 minute read

 Responding to the publication today of the government’s Net Zero Review, carried out by Chris Skidmore MP, Mike Childs, head of policy at Friends of the Earth, said:

“This review rightly emphasises not only how vital the green transition is for the future of our planet, but for our economy too. The government must get on board with this if it expects to remain competitive internationally. 

“Climate hasn’t been a focus for Rishi Sunak throughout his years in government, and the approval of a new coal mine in Cumbria last month suggests it’s still not among his top priorities.

“It doesn’t take a genius to see how much we have to gain by accelerating the shift to a low carbon future. Some of the quickest and easiest measures that can be rolled out now – a council-led home insulation programme and more renewables – will not only cut carbon emissions, they will also boost our energy security and bring down costly fuel bills.

“The UK government is due to publish its revised Net Zero Strategy in the coming weeks, after it was originally deemed unlawful in the courts following a legal challenge by Friends of the Earth.

“The Prime Minister must listen to the call for speedier and tougher action and turn up the dial on the UK's failing climate efforts.”


Notes to editors.

  1. In July last year, following legal challenges by Friends of the Earth, ClientEarth and Good Law Project - the High Court ruled that the government’s Net Zero Strategy was unlawful as it lacked adequate explanation or quantification of how the government’s plans would achieve legally-binding targets. As such, it had failed to meet its obligations under the Climate Change Act. Ministers must now revise the strategy by the end of March 2023.