Ofgem's new energy price cap - reaction

Press release
Street-by-street home insulation programme urgently needed
  Published:  25 Aug 2023    |      1 minute read

Reacting to news that the average annual energy bill will now be capped at £1,923, Connor Schwartz, warm homes campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said:

“With gas prices still more than double what they were before the energy crisis and emergency government support now a distant memory, millions of people will be dreading another winter of struggling to afford their energy bills.

“People in the most vulnerable situations and those on lower incomes living in cold, heat-leaking homes, have months of hardship ahead, unless the government acts now to end our reliance on expensive, polluting gas and makes our energy system fairer and greener.

“It’s a disgrace that the oil and gas companies fuelling the energy and climate crises are celebrating record profits, while some of that money could be used to support the hardest hit communities and cut harmful emissions by funding crucial energy efficiency upgrades for millions of homes.

“With winter fast-approaching, the best time to start rapidly rolling out street-by-street insulation was yesterday, the next best time is now.”