Planning for climate crisis falls ‘far short’ - Climate Change Committee

Press release
National adaptation programme faces legal challenge
  Published:  13 Mar 2024    |      1 minute read

Commenting on the Climate Change Committee’s warning today that government plans to help the UK adapt to the impacts of climate change “falls far short of what is required”, Friends of the Earth’s head of policy, Mike Childs, said:

“It’s clear that government plans to protect people, property and infrastructure from the escalating climate crisis are unfit for purpose and must be improved. This is why we are taking legal action over the National Adaptation Programme, alongside two people whose lives are already being severely impacted by the climate crisis.

“Ministers must do more to face up to the reality of climate change, including faster action to end our reliance on costly fossil fuels – and a robust plan to help safeguard people’s lives and livelihoods from the consequences of a rapidly warming planet.”

Friends of the Earth is taking the government to court over its ‘unlawful’ climate adaptation plans, alongside two people who are already suffering the consequences of climate change:

* Local campaigner Kevin Jordan [4] was made homeless shortly before Christmas 2023 [3], after his house in Hemsby, Norfolk was demolished after coastal erosion put it in severe danger of falling into the sea.

* Disability rights activist Doug Paulley [5] has a number of health conditions which are being exacerbated by searing summer temperatures, causing not just great distress and discomfort, but also putting him at increased risk of serious harm.


Notes to editors:

The claimants filed their legal challenge at the High Court on Tuesday 17 October, requesting a judicial review of the government’s deficient National Adaptation Programme (NAP).