Rosebank given green light

Press release
Another colossal failure of government leadership
  Published:  27 Sep 2023    |      1 minute read

Reacting to news that the Rosebank oil and gas field has been given the green light,  Friends of the Earth climate campaigner, Danny Gross, said:  

“This is yet another colossal failure of leadership from a government that seems determined to ignore the scientific warnings on the climate crisis.

“Giving the green light to Rosebank will send UK emissions soaring while failing to boost energy security or reduce bills.

“The main beneficiaries of this decision will be the fossil fuel firms who have been raking in bumper profits thanks to outrageous tax-breaks and our reliance on costly gas and oil - while cash-strapped households are left to pay the price.  

“The government should be investing in real solutions to the challenges we face by prioritising homegrown renewables and developing a nationwide insulation programme – not pouring more gas and oil on a burning planet.”