Section 2: Climate changing

  Published:  19 Oct 2021
There are four lesson plans and resources in this section:

Lesson 1:
Subject area: English
Lesson title: Climate Change is Now
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: reading non-fiction; summarising and organising material, and supporting ideas and
arguments with any necessary factual detail; speaking confidently and effectively.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: find, select and use information from a range of sources; understand and explore ideas,
events and features in texts; develop, express and present ideas in a variety of forms and formats.

Lesson 2:
Subject area: Geography
Lesson title: Degrees of Concern
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: understand how human and physical processes interact to influence and change landscapes, environments and the climate.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: investigate the impact of conflict between social, economic and environmental needs, both locally and globally.

Lesson 3:
Subject area: History
Lesson title: Change Makers
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: understand historical concepts, like continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance. Use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends, frame historically valid questions and create structured accounts, including written narratives and analyses.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: investigate critical issues in history or historical figures who have behaved ethically or unethically.

Lesson 4:
Subject area: PHSE
Lesson title: Understanding Our Values
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: be reflective about their own experiences, values and beliefs that inform their
perspective on life.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: explore personal morals, values and beliefs.