Section 3: Digging deeper

  Published:  19 Oct 2021
There are three lesson plans and resources in this section:

Lesson 1:
Subject area: Geography
Lesson title: Interconnections
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: to understand key processes in human geography relating to economic activity and the use of natural resources.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: investigate the impact of conflict between social, economic and environmental needs, both locally and globally.

Lesson 2:
Subject area: Drama
Lesson title: Our Earth, Our Future: To Mine or Mind
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: students are competent in the arts of speaking, listening and participating in debate.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: explore ethical issues through the medium of drama, by improvising a scene involving decision-making that requires weighing up and making difficult choices.

Lesson 3:
Subject area: Technology
Lesson title: A Circular Economy
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: understand developments in design and technology, its impact on individuals, society and the environment, and the responsibilities of designers, engineers and technologists.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: pursue design solutions using environmentally friendly materials and energy sources. Identify product needs and pursue sustainable harmonious design solutions.