Switching track

  Published:  19 Oct 2021
There are four lesson plans and resources in this section:

Lesson 1:
Subject area: Geography
Lesson title: Renewable Energy
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: human geography relating to economic activity and the use of natural resources.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: explore how we can exercise environmental stewardship and help promote a better quality of life for present and future generations, both locally and globally.

Lesson 2:
Subject area: Science
Lesson title: Power in Your Hands
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: Physics: Energy: fuels and energy resources
Northern Ireland Curriculum: Investigate a product of economic importance to determine the science behind it

Lesson 3 and 4:
Subject area: Religious Studies
Lesson title: Vision
Curriculum links:
National Curriculum England: as per local curriculum following the principle of the key concept “Understanding how moral values and a sense of obligation can come from beliefs and experience. Evaluating their own and others’ values in order to make informed, rational and imaginative choices”.
Northern Ireland Curriculum: explore why those with a religious faith believe they have responsibility, as stewards, to take care of the world and people within it. Explain how they might put these beliefs about stewardship into practice today.