#TheBigOne: Climate activists demand UK’s exit from destructive international treaty

Press release
Government urged to quit Energy Charter Treaty
  Published:  21 Apr 2023    |      1 minute read
  • Photos available to download here

As part of four days of action that kicked off today in central London, climate activists gathered outside the Department for Business and Trade this afternoon to urge the UK government to withdraw from a highly controversial and damaging international agreement called the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

The event, coordinated by Global Justice Now, Friends of the Earth and War on Want, saw a 100,000 strong petition delivered to the department calling for the UK’s exit. Campaigners also took part in a game of dodgeball, signifying the pressing need for countries to dodge the ECT.

Under the Energy Charter Treaty, companies can sue governments if nationally set climate policies threaten their profits. This means that fossil fuel firms, among others, can take governments to court in more than 40 countries, threatening the climate progress so urgently required while putting the interests of big business before people and planet.

A number of European countries have already announced their intention to quit the treaty, including France, Denmark and The Netherlands, but the UK has yet to commit to pulling out.

Photos from the event can be accessed here – photo credits should be attributed to Friends of the Earth.