“Too conservative” – Friends of the Earth respond to CCC report

The advice of the government’s advisory Committee on Climate Change on the Sixth Carbon Budget is published today
  Published:  09 Dec 2020    |      1 minute read

Responding, Mike Childs, Head of Science at Friends of the Earth, said:

“This is too conservative given the havoc and misery extreme weather is already causing, particularly to the poorest people in the world who have contributed least to climate breakdown. Areas like energy efficiency and eco-heating are challenging but would come on in leaps and bounds with immediate and sustained investment. For example, heat pumps are a proven technology and we should be aiming to phase out the installation of new gas boilers well before 2030 and fitting approximately 10 million heat pumps by the same date. Rapid investment in training fitters and hiring new apprenticeships will get this done.

“It’s what government does right now that will determine if we meet our carbon pollution reduction goals. And what the government is doing is ploughing £27 billion into climate-wrecking roads as well as funding damaging fossil-fuel projects overseas.”