UK Climate minister leaves COP summit early

Press release
Another blow to UK government's crumbling climate credibility
  Published:  12 Dec 2023    |      1 minute read

Commenting on news that climate change minister Graham Stuart is returning to London from the Cop28 summit to vote on the Rwanda Bill later today, Friends of the Earth’s international climate campaigner,  Rachel Kennerley – who is in Dubai - said: 

“It’s astounding that the minister responsible for delivering climate action is deserting COP28 with crucial negotiations hanging in the balance.

“This starkly highlights the government's priorities and that it's prepared to sacrifice people on the frontlines of the climate crisis at home and globally for short term political gain. 

“With the UK’s 2030 climate target to cut emissions by two thirds seriously off track, and Rishi Sunak’s pledge to ‘max out’ North Sea gas and oil, this move strikes another blow to this government’s crumbling international climate credibility.”