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The UK government is breaking its 2030 climate promise

The climate crisis is a reality. Its impacts are disastrous now and will be for generations to come too.

The UK government has pledged to the rest of the world it’ll reduce climate-wrecking greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. But it’s letting us down. 

We’re calling on the government to write a new climate plan, which includes lifting some of the current restrictions on renewable energy in England.

Two campaigners pretend to box, one wearing a paper facemask of Rishi Sunak, the other wearing a Planet Earth costume on their head. Campaigners stand around them holding placards that say things like "Government's climate plan on trial - again" in front of the Royal Courts of Justice.

England’s renewable energy forecast looks bright

Our research shows there’s huge potential to release the immense power of the sun and wind at onshore sites and generate 13 times more renewable energy every year than we currently do from onshore wind and solar.

It’s time for the UK government to uphold its promise to tackle the climate emergency and create the launchpad needed for a greener, safer future. 

We know how to get politicians to act. With your help we can make them listen. 

Wind turbine  - Essex