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What's in your Bee Saver Kit

Our Bee Saver Kits make the perfect gift for a loved one, or even for yourself.  Our kits contain:

  • Wildflower seeds – provide neighbourhood bees with vital food and habitat
  • Bee ID guide – so you can identify your new garden visitors 
  • Garden planner – to help you create a bee-friendly garden all year round
  • Bee saver guide – with tips including how to build your own bee hotel
  • Bee kit folder – to store your bee-saving materials in one place.
Picture of Bee Saver Kit 2021

Why we need to help bees

Bees pollinate flowers, plants and crops that support other species (including humans). Without bees, the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren would be at risk.

That's why it's so worrying that the number of UK bee species has fallen in many areas. Of the UK’s 26 bumblebee species, 2 are extinct and 6-8 more species have seen major declines.

Three reasons Britain's bees need your help today:

  • The loss of habitat is one of the most pressing problems facing British bees: they've lost 97% of their flower-rich habitats in the past 60 years.


  • Bees pollinate 75% of our main food crops worldwide, including some of our favourite produce like apples, strawberries and tomatoes.


  • Scientists estimated in 2012 that it would cost over £1.8 billion every single year to pollinate UK crops by hand.
Bumble bee on lavender




"I am so very grateful for all your help and support. It breaks my heart to see our precious green spaces just ripped apart and all the life that they supported destroyed or displaced. We seem to have forgotten that this beautiful world is to share and that the plants, birds and animals were here first. Each and every one has its place and purpose too. We must revere that if we are to continue." - Naomi, Friends of the Earth Supporter


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