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We're facing a climate emergency

Climate breakdown affects all of us. From flood-stricken homes in Yorkshire to smouldering forests in Australia, extreme weather events are becoming all too common. And they’re forcing millions of the world’s poorest people from their homes.

We know what our leaders need to do to halt the climate emergency. And we need urgent action now. Time is running out in the fight to protect people and planet. 

Australian bushfires

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Thanks to people like you, we have achieved milestone victories and established key laws for our planet, like launching the Climate Change Act and putting a stop to fracking in England. 

With your help, we can grow our network of groups fighting to make their communities more climate friendly. You'll also be helping to support our dedicated in-house legal team, fund vital research, and pressure decision-makers to take action to stop climate and ecological breakdown. 

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"It is organisations like yours that help educate us and give us some hope that the battle is being well fought. Thank you and keep up the Good Work!" - D Clarke, Friends of the Earth Supporter


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An opportunity for change

We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved so far. But at a critical time for our natural world, there is so much else that still needs to be done.  

Right now, we have an opportunity to stop the climate crisis before it is too late. We can write our own future and create the greener, fairer world that we all want to see. 

5 people in summer clothing tending to an unruly, green community garden in an urban setting, with tall building towers in the background.