Eye of the storm

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We're facing a climate emergency

Climate breakdown is affecting us all. Wildfires are raging. Polar icecaps are melting. Heatwaves and droughts suck the life out of every living thing. Floods wash away homes, livelihoods and wildlife. Millions of the world's poorest people are displaced while big business and politicians continue to pour fuel on the fire.

We're facing a climate emergency now. Time is running out in the fight to protect people and planet.

Heavy flooding from monsoon rain and tide from river in Dohar, Bangladesh

Impacts of climate change

There's no such thing as a safe temperature rise for our planet. Each degree of warming will bring more extreme weather and sea level rises.

The impacts of climate change are increasing in severity and likelihood – from the 2021 floods in Asia and Europe to wildfires across Siberia and the US. And while some countries have the resources to repair damage, other poorer nations face fatal consequences.

Australian bushfires

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photo of protestors against fracking

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Help fight climate breakdown

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