Clean Air Schools: Assembly

08 Dec 2017 | 12.53 MB PPTX file
You can download your fun school assembly – The assembly simply and creatively takes pupils through what air pollution is, the sources of dirty air, its health effects and the steps we can take to clean up our air.

The environmental reasons for reducing inequalities

01 Oct 2015 | 653 kB PDF file
This briefing introduces the different types of inequality and identifies the links with environmental degradation. It explains why Friends of the Earth, like many others across the political spectrum, is concerned about inequality. It proposes some areas for action and seeks feedback on these.

Environmental Refugees: Our policy position

18 Jul 2017 | 533 kB PDF file
The UK should take a lead on welcoming people made refugees by environmental problems. But we must also tackle the issues - including climate change - that drive people from their homes and livelihoods. A Friends of the Earth position paper. 4 pages. [PDF]
Its stunning white beaches and sandy dunes make Druridge Bay a hotspot for people and wildlife. But this beautiful Northumberland getaway is in danger of losing its charm. A huge coal mine has been proposed in the area, which would be a disaster for the climate and the local community.