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Countryside with no trees

We're falling behind

Trees are so important for our physical and mental wellbeing, offering a space for relaxation and exercise. They produce oxygen, provide homes for our wildlife and hold stories of the past.

They are also essential for the health of our planet, reducing carbon emissions from our air.

But the UK’s woodland cover is just 13%. That’s about one third of the European average. We’re way behind countries like Portugal and Luxembourg.

Countryside with no trees
Trees people walking

We can change this

We urgently need the government to take action.

We’re working with local councils to open up parks and more green spaces, so we have safe areas to exercise.

But for our own health and our planet, we need long-term solutions. We need your help to get the government to commit to a plan to double our tree cover.

If we all stand together, we can make the government listen.

Trees people walking
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We know that doubling our tree cover is achievable. But we need to act now. To be successful, we need your support.

Friends of the Earth protesters holding a Climate Justice For All banner

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