Two women digging around fruit trees and flower beds

Postcode Gardener in Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 and B13

Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 and B13

Fruit and Nut Village is a Birmingham-based gardening group which works with local communities to develop a range of edible landscapes.

Sally is a gardener who runs therapeutic horticultural sessions for her local community. As Postcode Gardener, she'll work with different organisations and individuals to create a diverse range of food-growing spaces, from planters and path edges to tree pits and street corners, filled with fruit bushes, herbs, vegetables and flowers.

A group of people in a park observing a tree planting

Growing food, bringing people together

Fruit and Nut village (the charity hosting Sally) plants orchards, forest gardens and year-round food in 3 neighbourhoods in Birmingham.

Rob Tilling, who’s been involved in community gardening across Birmingham for over 20 years, is delighted that Sally will be working alongside him in one of the big forest gardens in Balsall Heath. She'll be planting edible plants and ground cover amongst the trees, while also seeking out new neglected green spaces to cultivate.

Sally will also be striking up new relationships with local people and finding ways for them to get involved. As Rob says, "Once you've got the people, you can do anything really [...] People want to be active in their local area. No-one knew each other 5 years ago. I didn’t know any of these people [volunteers at Fruit and Nut Village]. And now they’re friends. It really does make a community."

A group of 5 people filling a wheelbarrow with soil

Sally, the Postcode Gardener

"I love living in Balsall Heath and I’m really excited to get stuck in and work with people locally to make it a more beautiful place to be.

"I hope the Postcode Gardener scheme will help to empower people in the local community to take ownership of local green spaces and come together to care for them."

Headshot of Sally Jones, the Postcode Gardener for Balsall Heath

Protecting the natural world has been at the heart of The Co-operative Bank’s unique, customer-led Ethical Policy for over 30 years, driven by their customers’ concerns for biodiversity and the environment.

Postcode Gardeners are bringing communities together to help bring nature back. Through our partnership with The Co-operative Bank, we’re supporting Postcode Gardeners to restore wildlife and greenery in over 1,000 nature-deprived spaces across the country.

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