An park in an urban area. There's a wall which has images on it remembering the Grenfell tragedy, as well as drawn illustrations of nature. There's a couple of trees too.

Postcode Gardener in Notting Dale, London W10 and W11

Notting Dale, London W10 and W11

The Westway Trust is busy recruiting its Postcode Gardener to work with the community of Notting Dale. The West London neighbourhood is densely populated and subject to heavy pollution caused by a busy flyover which dominates the surrounding streets.

Early plans are focusing on accessibility for all residents, with the team looking at creating green spaces for kids to play in, and other areas where elders can meet and relax.

As with all our Postcode Gardeners, bringing the community together and seeing the mental health benefits of collective gardening is just as important as the planting.

A block of flats that has been greened - lots of plant pots and trees, as well as places to sit.

Nature can be a place to be expressive and reflective.

It’s also a great learning environment. I was working with some children not long ago, and I asked them if they knew where courgettes came from, and they named a supermarket. This partnership with The Co-operative Bank will help people increase their knowledge of the relationship with food and the environment.

I’d also like to see some of the green spaces that are neglected in the postcode to be transformed and for the groups to come together to and go on to do other activities. Government is doing less, so people need to be enabled to do more.

Chief Executive of Westway Trust