Zero waste solution: several tote bags containing groceries

Living without plastic Plastic-free home

How to reduce plastic waste around the house

Plastic sticks around in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins. Plastic also contributes to global warming (almost all plastics are made from chemicals that come from the production of planet-warming fuels like gas, oil and even coal).

More and more people are cutting down on the amount of plastic they use. There are some clever ideas out there, and we've collected them together all under one roof. Your roof.

These tips will help you avoid household plastics that can end up in our seas – harming our dolphins, turtles and other wildlife too.

And they'll enhance your life by saving you cash and avoiding aggressive chemicals.

Tell the UK government that we need a new law to phase out plastic pollution.

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Ways to avoid plastics in the bathroom

How to reduce plastic waste in the bathroom – without smelling ripe and looking miserable.

Scrubbing up well can leave an ugly stain on our oceans and soils. Pretty much all the bottles, razors and single-use items that go in the bin, eventually end up in landfills or the natural environment. Companies need to design unnecessary plastics out of their products and packaging. But in the meantime let's not wash our hands of the problem. Learn how to clean up your beauty regime with these sweet-smelling tips...

How to avoid plastic in the kitchen

The kitchen is a hotspot for plastics: from cartons and bottles to food wrap and cleaning products... the list goes on.

Moving away from plastic products can be a daunting task, which is why we asked lifestyle blogger Wendy Graham to share her top tips on going plastic-free in the kitchen.

You'll never need to wrestle cellophane-wrapped broccoli again.

Plastic-free shops

The weekly shop can be riddled with plastic packaging.

Thankfully, consumer demand has prompted some supermarkets to start making some positive steps –  Morrison's now feature plastic-free fruit and veg aisles across 60 of its stores.

Local grocery shops often have plastic-free produce, and our friends over at 'Zero Waste Near Me' have put together a great map showing you your nearest plastic-free shops...

Reducing plastic use in the garden

TV’s Alys Fowler is taking on a plastic-free gardening challenge. Join her as she weeds out the plastic from her plant life. Ditch the pesticide bottles and dig into her fab tips, which include:

  • How to make your own compost, peat and fertilisers.
  • Alternatives to plastic plant pots.
  • Using kitchen waste in the garden.

Plastic-free with kids

A house is for living in, right? So how do you bring up a family to use as little plastic as possible while getting on with life?

Bettina (aka @plasticfreehackney), mother of 2 small children, tells us about her plastic-free family life. It's not easy, she says, but it can be done.

Plastic-free pet supplies

Poo bags, food packaging, bowls, chewy toys. Suddenly Polly is beginning to look more polymer than poodle.

And with tens of millions of pets padding around UK homes and gardens, the collective plastic pawprint is something we could usefully get our teeth into.

Whether you're a cat-cuddler, bunny guy or guinea-pig girl, check out our thoughts on plastic-free pets.

Tell the UK government that we need a new law to phase out plastic pollution.

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