Mayor of London election 2021

Get your mayor to prioritise climate

The Mayor of London has the power to improve the lives and livelihoods of communities across Greater London and help tackle the global climate emergency.

They can deliver new jobs and move away from a fossil fuel-dependent economy by investing in renewable energy. They can also help oppose climate-wrecking projects like Heathrow expansion, tackle air pollution, create more green space and make sure all houses in the area are properly insulated.

On 6 May, people across Greater London went to the polls to elect the next Mayor of London...

Grassroots campaigning

Our grassroots network is hard at work making sure climate is prioritised in all the elections happening across England and Wales in May.

As well as hosting online hustings and engaging with local communities, they're also lobbying mayoral candidates to pledge to adopt the Climate Action Plan for Mayor of London.

Climate Action Plan for Mayors