An Ecotricity wind turbine being mounted in Swaffham

Our partner Ecotricity

Wind turbines in a field at sunrise

Ecotricity has a vision for a "green Britain" – a place where we all live more sustainable lives, and where ethical business is the norm, pursuing positive outcomes rather than profit.

Friends of the Earth has been working with Ecotricity since 2001 to inspire everyone to get behind green energy.

Call 0808 123 0123 or visit the website to find out more.

Wind turbines in a field at sunrise
Ecotricity logo


Ecotricity are brilliant. I heard about their 'green gas' sourced from renewable sources like food waste. I thought it sounded great and so switched, which was simple. When I need to speak to them, they're always really friendly.


I like who they are and what they do. Their solar energy farm is excellent – I love that I'm helping to fund that.


Duncan Bonner, Friends of the Earth supporter and Ecotricity customer