A man practising yoga on a purple Liforme mat

Our partner Liforme

A Liforme purple yoga mat

Liforme is totally committed to the health of the planet. It's spent years developing high-performing yoga mats that are fully biodegradable.

Its products are designed by Yogis for Yogis. Like Friends of the Earth, it wants to see a more eco-friendly, ethical and socially just world.

As part of our partnership, Liforme is donating 3% from every sale of its Purple Earth range, and 1% from every sale of its Mother Earth mats, to Friends of the Earth. These eco-friendly yoga mats are made from naturally sourced sustainable rubber and a specially engineered non-toxic and biodegradable polyurethane. Plus, their outer packaging is fully recyclable.

A Liforme purple yoga mat

Are yoga mats good for the environment?

And when did people start using yoga mats?

Watch Liforme's fascinating video about the history of the yoga mat. 

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Liforme is proud to be supporting the critical work of Friends of the Earth because of our shared values: we both want to safeguard the future of our planet and protect our environment.


When I started developing Liforme products, I learnt all about the common materials used in yoga mats and that these materials can in some cases be unnecessarily damaging to the planet. I soon realised that creating environmentally low-impact yoga gear had become one of the most important focal points for Liforme.


James Armitage, CEO and Founder of Liforme