Cross-country skier in Patagonia clothes in front of mountain at sunset

Our partner Patagonia

Denim jeans patagonia worn wear

Friends of the Earth is pleased to work with Patagonia – a business using its position as a global outdoor-clothing brand to inspire and create solutions to the environmental crisis.

Patagonia funds environmental work all over the globe including Friends of the Earth’s Fossil Free and Clean Air campaigns. It wants to make the best products that cause no unnecessary harm. Patagonia really got into the spirit of things during our annual festival – offering free clothes' repairs to hundreds of our supporters.

Denim jeans patagonia worn wear

We share Patagonia's desire to connect people and nature while reversing the steep decline in the health of our planet. That's why we hooked up with Patagonia ambassador and all-round climbing hero, Pete Whittaker.

Pete climbed the towering vertical rock El Capitan in under 24 hours – on his own. He broke the previous all-free-rope-solo record by 3 days. We were delighted to make this short film with him about why he stands against fracking.

Read more about Patagonia’s environmental and social responsibility.

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