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Our mission

At Friends of the Earth we believe meaningful change starts in your community. Our network of more than 400 groups is the force helping to drive change in local areas across the UK.

Liverpool FOE

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Our community groups are the heart of our organisation. They’re a powerful collective of ordinary people driving real change in their local areas to help build a better future for everyone. That’s why we provide dedicated support to our entire network across the UK.

A one-off donation today will help us provide them with:

✔️ Physical campaigning resources

✔️ Support to create and build a new group

✔️ Strategy advice on running a campaign

✔️ Help organising events like film screenings

✔️ Access to legal advice where necessary

✔️ Training sessions to build campaigning skills and more

Liverpool FOE

The "Keep our Eastbourne Downs Public" campaign began in 2016 and was led by Sally Boys and fellow group members from Eastbourne Friends of the Earth.

The council was about to sell nearly 3,000 acres of farms and publicly-owned downland in the South Downs National Park. Friends of the Earth supported Sally [pictured] and the group to save their precious biodiverse, wildflower-rich patch of the planet.

Support included:

  • strategy advice,
  • help organising meetings,
  • writing letters,
  • and planning effective demonstrations.

Thanks to the backing of Friends of the Earth and many local residents, Sally and the group won the campaign to stop the sale of the land.

Friends of the Earth helped us protect our precious chalk grassland and its rich biodiversity.

Peter Williams, North Wiltshire FOE

Working wonders in Wiltshire

"We couldn't have done it without Friends of the Earth." – Peter Williams, North Wiltshire Friends of the Earth

The Marden Valley is an area of great natural beauty. Lying between the towns of Chippenham and Calne, the valley offers a green breathing space between the two towns. But it isn't protected from development. So in 2016, Peter and fellow members of North Wiltshire Friends of the Earth decided to take action.

An opportunity arose when a crowdfunded appeal was launched to buy some of the land in the valley. Peter and the group successfully mobilised their local community and helped to buy what is now the Hazeland site in the valley. Friends of the Earth supported them by amplifying the project to a wider audience and helped make connections to further the cause.

Today, the site is a blueprint for how people and wildlife can work together to help recovery from past decline.

Peter Williams, North Wiltshire FOE

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Decades of impact

Together, our incredible network has achieved incredible victories in their local communities. Some of their wins include:

✔️ Helping to stop fracking in the UK

✔️ Protecting Oxfordshire wetland from a new motorway (twice!)

✔️ Helping stop the build of a new coal mine in Merthyr Tydfil

✔️ Sparing Hull from a giant new waste incinerator in the city.

Your donation today will help us continue to support our community groups in the fight for a greener and fairer future for everyone.