Satellite image of Earth

Who we are And how we work

Together we make things happen

The first images of Earth from space inspired a movement of people who wanted to protect the only planet we have to call home. It looked beautiful yet vulnerable.

Friends of the Earth stands with anyone who cares about the world we live in, whether you’re a first time supporter or a seasoned campaigner. We work with local groups, experts, business leaders and politicians. And we push for change on causes that matter to you:

  • Protecting your home and local environment.
  • Promoting safe and healthy food and water everywhere.
  • Supporting alternative energy solutions that can change the world for the better for everyone.

Together, with us, your voice is louder, your actions more significant, your impact greater. We’re with you every step of the way: supporting your local community, defending human rights, protecting nature, moving mountains.

Together, with you, we are determined to change the world for good, creating a cleaner, healthier, fairer world for everyone, for today and generations to come.

Our local groups in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland has local groups – and affiliated groups – in around 150 neighbourhoods. That makes us the largest grassroots environmental campaigning community in the UK.

These groups are run by thousands of volunteers from all types of backgrounds, including teachers, nurses, lawyers, students, grandparents and more. They bring people together to improve their local environment, and see off polluting and unjust proposals.

Find out what your nearest group is working on. If there isn't one, consider starting a new one. Check out our resources for local groups.

Our amazing community

When you join Friends of the Earth, you become part of the biggest grassroots environmental campaigning community in the world. It covers 75 countries – from Norway to Australia, from South Korea to Colombia.

We're talking around 5,000 local activist groups and over 2 million members and supporters worldwide. All of them doing incredible things for a healthier, fairer world.

There’s never been a better time to be a Friend of the Earth