People hold banners with "Stronger climate plan now!" on them, as someone wearing an Earth head mask punches someone with a Rishi Sunak mask in the face.

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Crisis in Britain

A new report, commissioned by Friends of the Earth and produced by the Institute of Health Equity, has revealed the terrible cost of Britain's cold homes on people's physical and mental health. As reported by the Guardian, almost 10 million UK households are living in poorly insulated homes and likely can't afford improvements.

Find out how millions are being left out in the cold and what solutions are urgently needed, including a national insulation programme.

Cold father and daughter wrapped up in blankets on their sofa by a radiator

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In the latest episode, we dive into enormous fossil fuel profits, question some climate denialism in the media and unpack the latest environmental updates from Westminster.

What we've achieved

We're the UK's largest grassroots network.

From our campaigners and lawyers to local groups and supporters, we push for change on causes that matter to you, like:

  • Protecting your local area and making it more climate friendly.
  • Taking government to court over projects that harm our environment.
  • Fighting for environmental and social justice globally.
Our lawyers Katie and Will outside Court after Heathrow

Postcode Gardeners

People want healthier and greener streets, for better health and better mood, but they often lack the time or skills to maintain planting.

That’s where a Postcode Gardener can help, employed to green up streets in one postcode area and bring neighbours together.

In partnership with The Co-operative Bank we're putting Postcode Gardeners in areas that need to be greened the most.

Three school girls digging in a  flower bed with trowels.

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Get your Bee Saver Kit today

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and healthy economy, pollinating the vast majority of plants we rely on for food. But changes in climate may be disrupting bees’ nesting behaviour and their emergence after winter. It also means some plants are now flowering at different times to when bees are normally active.

Order your Bee Saver Kit today to receive everything you need to ensure bees have food from trees and plants all year round.

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