Good environmental news – 10 wins in 2018

Dose up on some feel-good environmental news. 10 ways you've helped us nail it in 2018.
  Published:  21 Dec 2018    |      1 minute read

1. Saving a town from a huge coal mine

Alyson Austin of Merthyr Tydfil Friends of the Earth smiles for the camera as she stands by a lake holding a placard thanking the People’s Postcode Lottery for funding.
Successful campaigner Alyson Austin says thank you for the money.
Credit: Celeste Hicks/Friends of the Earth

Local people and our group at Merthyr Tydfil have stopped Nant Llesg from being wrecked by an opencast coal mine. Years of campaigning paid off, which is great news for the climate.

2. Empowering kids to cut air pollution

Friends of the Earth's Clean Air Schools Pack, showing cover, stickers and worksheets.
Friends of the Earth's resources for teaching Primary children about air pollution.

With your funding, teachers across the country are using our clean air schools packs to educate kids about air pollution.

We're pressuring the government to do everything it can to protect us against climate change. Please add your voice.

3. Saving bees from pesticides

Bumblebee on wheat
Bumblebee on wheat
Credit: istock

People all over Europe demanded action to save bees. The result? The EU has now banned 3 bee-harming pesticides from being used outdoors.

4. Getting justice for anti-fracking heroes

External view of the Royal Courts of Justice building, London
The Royal Courts of Justice, London
Credit: iStock

Your donations meant our lawyers could intervene in the case of 3 peaceful anti-fracking protestors, who had been unlawfully jailed – and help secure their release.

5. Going plastic free across the country

Close-up of woman holding Friends of the Earth Plastic-Free aluminium water bottle
Friends of the Earth promoting an alternative to plastic in everyday use.
Credit: Friends of the Earth/Aurelia Bergs

Millions of people are talking about Plastic-Free Friday on social media. And across the country our local groups are turning whole cities plastic free.

6. Protecting Robin Hood's fabled home

Actor as Friar Tuck with petition placard saying "250,000 PEOPLE SAY PROTECT SHERWOOD FOREST"
Friar Tuck showing that many people want to protect our heritage.

Despite the sad news from Lancashire, you helped keep the frackers out of Sherwood Forest. That’s more good news for the climate.

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7. Keeping rivers clean

View over the Owenkillew river, Northern Ireland. Cottage and 2 large trees in foreground; fields behind.
View over the Owenkillew river, Northern Ireland
Credit: Declan Allison/Friends of the Earth

And in Northern Ireland we’re supporting local campaigners working to save the Owenkillew river from toxic gold mining pollution.

8. Rewarding students for being eco friendly

Close-up of Kale Yeah! vegetarian and vegan sandwiches for students on shop shelf
Kale Yeah! vegetarian and vegan food for students
Credit: Friends of the Earth

Hundreds of veggie meals have been sold at Portsmouth University thanks to our pilot loyalty scheme – Kale Yeah!

9. Blocking Heathrow expansion

Close-up of Friends of the Earth supporters outside the High Court campaigning against a third Heathrow runway.
Friends of the Earth supporters campaigning outside the High Court.
Credit: Friends of the Earth

We launched a legal challenge against the expansion of Heathrow airport. And our groups in West London are running an inspiring campaign to block the plans.

10. Welcoming bees in Wales

A bee-friendly garden full of greenery, purple flowers and bee hotels made from logs.
A bee-friendly garden.

Amazing local activists have established over 50 official bee-friendly sites in Wales.

Bonus news

And just because we like good news, here's another portion of positivity.

As well as taking all sorts of important actions online, thousands of you took to the streets to celebrate wildlife, defend our climate and march against Donald Trump’s policies.

A selection of Trump protest placards leaning against a wall

Together we’ve achieved so much this year. And none of this would have been possible without you. Here’s to the next 12 months of changing the world.

We're pressuring the government to do everything it can to protect us against climate change. Please add your voice.