Pupil holding air monitoring tube

Clean Air Schools Educating a generation about air pollution

The Clean Air Schools project has now come to a close, with Clean Air School Packs and air monitoring tubes no longer available to order.

We’re proud to have supported over 1,300 primary schools across the country to campaign on air pollution.

From working with their local politicians or running anti-idling campaigns, each action has helped to clean up the air our children breathe.

We’re still here to answer any questions you may have, you can reach us on [email protected]

Clean Air Schools pack: satisfied customers

Year 4 pupils from Rosary Primary School in Birmingham used Friends of the Earth's Clean Air Schools pack to investigate the air quality around their school.

"The results made us think about the air we breathe in," says teacher Joe Perkins.

Watch the children and Joe put their air monitoring tubes through their paces.

School child

Air pollution and children

Children are particularly vulnerable to dirty air. Health effects can include: asthma, reduced lung capacity and can even impact their brain development.

It is simply unacceptable.

School child