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How to Save the Planet A Friends of the Earth podcast

Mini-series: A better future, episode 3

A green, low carbon future means new jobs and industries that are good for the environment and the people in them. But what counts as a green job, how do you get one and what should government be doing to create more?

Louisa and Danny chat to Clare Linton from Urban Transport Group and Lola Fayokun from Teach The Future about how to get a green job.

Mini-series: A better future, episode 2

Part of our plan for building a greener and fairer future as we recover from the pandemic is to fix the broken economy. But what's broken about it? What might a different approach look like? And what difference would that actually make to your life?

Fran and Danny talk to Adrienne Buller from think tank Common Wealth to uncover answers to all of these burning questions.

Mini-series: A better future, episode 1

As we make our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we've heard campaigners and politicians talking about a "green and fair recovery" and "building back better". But what do any of these things really mean? What parts of our society need to change? What would that look like in your life?

This podcast episode kicks off the new year with a new mini-series and new presenters. Join Danny and Isobel as they talk to Connor, Friends of the Earth climate lead, about what a "Green and Fair Recovery" actually is, and outline the topics we'll be diving into over the coming months.

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