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How can I make the environmental movement more trans and non-binary inclusive?

  Published:  24 Feb 2023     |       4 minute read
Environmental activism operates in a political space, impacted by the government, media and public opinion among other things. To campaign for the planet effectively, we need to create a fairer world for all, especially those with marginalised identities like trans and non-binary people. Find out how you can be a better trans ally in the fight for people and planet.

8 wins that show the power of collective action

  Published:  16 Dec 2022     |       3 minute read
As the year comes to an end, we’ve been reflecting on the amazing achievements of our network. We found strength in numbers, and together we pushed for local, national and global change. Here are 8 ways our network took action to protect the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it.

Communities fighting climate breakdown

  Published:  29 Apr 2020     |       Last updated:  14 Jul 2020     |       4 minute read     |         |     Eoin Redahan
In just one year Climate Action groups have convinced councils to declare climate emergencies, lobbied for change at a local level, and brought communities together. Could your community do something similar?