Work for Good and Friends of the Earth

Are you a small business owner who's keen to have a positive impact on people and planet? Sign up to Work for Good and help support Friends of the Earth.
  Published:  23 Nov 2020    |      2 minute read

What is Work for Good?

(and why are we partnered with them)?

Work For Good is an amazing organisation that takes the hassle out of charity collaborations. Their mission is to help small businesses – from eco-conscious creatives to altruistic accountants – donate to their chosen charities and create a fairer world for all.

The power of small business

Small businesses are so important to Friends of the Earth because they help boost local economies, they're a great source of employment and they can help create a sense of community. 

Small businesses can also be quick to create change, with many businesses making steps to ensure they're environmentally responsible. From eliminating plastic to choosing renewable energy providers, there are plenty of small businesses around the UK doing their bit to prevent climate breakdown and protect our planet. Are you one of them?

Your small business and Friends of the Earth

Are you a small business owner? Donating to Friends of the Earth through Work For Good is a wonderful way to show your customers and clients that you're doing your bit to protect the local environment and push for change on issues like social justice and conservation. 

Relationships with the private sector are not straightforward for Friends of the Earth because, as you can imagine, it's of the utmost importance to us that we work only with ethical and environmentally-responsible businesses. Partnering with us through our Work For Good platform is a great way to start building a relationship together and perhaps partner officially in the future.

For more information please fill out the contact us form and one of our team will be in touch.

Meet our Work for Good partners

We're currently partnered with over 20 small businesses via the Work for Good platforms, including:

  • Tracklements. The UK's favourite culinary condiments connoisseurs are giving back to their local community in Wiltshire with their Save A Bee Plant A Tree project, in collaboration with Friends of the Earth and Work For Good. By collecting medlars (a type of fruit) from their neighbours, they'll make their golden Aromatic Medlar Jelly and spend 25p from every jar sold on buying more bee-friendly medlar trees, and another 25p to Friends of the Earth.
  • Woodwork Matters. Self-taught woodworker Sean Tolram started Woodwork Matters from his London studio in summer 2020. He contacted Friends of the Earth as he wanted to pledge 5% of all sales to help us protect the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. We pointed him to Work For Good and we’ve been working together ever since. Sean diverts scrap wood from landfill and turns it into gorgeous things for your home, from upcycled furniture to gorgeous wooden gifts that will stand the test of time.
  • Studio 77. Ruby Lee is a freelancer turned business owner and the founder and creative director of Studio 77 London. The studio creates a variety of websites for companies in the feel-good sector, such as health, fitness, vegan living, and ethical and sustainable brands. She has helped hundreds of small businesses and start-ups establish their brand and website designs, and has donated over £1000 to Friends of the Earth via Work For Good.
  • Cristallo Di Luna. This uniquely distilled gin is created using crystal elixirs infused with 16 ethically sourced ingredients, including the sacred Palo Santo, Red Rose Petals, Mountain Ash berries and mulberry. Cristallo Di Luna are passionate about nature and contributing towards a green recovery, promising to donate 5% of company profits to Friends of Earth through the Work For Good platform. Their future vision alongside their donations is to plant a tree for every bottle sold.
Images of products from our Work for Good partners