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Your stories and inspiration

Getting ready to fundraise for Friends of the Earth? Here are some fundraising stories and ideas to inspire you.
  Published:  19 Aug 2020    |      1 minute read

From tattoo flash sales to Lego earrings, here are some practical and unusual fundraising suggestions to get you started.

Get your workplace involved

Follow the lead of tattoo studio No Regrets who organised a tattoo flash day. They tattooed 14 people in one day and raised over £1,600 for us. See if your work could do something similar (though it doesn't have to be as painful...)

Table with tattoo designs on card

Take on a physical challenge

Whether you're climbing mountains or running marathons, sponsored challenges are a feel-good way to raise money. Emma completed the Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the highest peaks in England, Wales and Scotland in 24 hours.
Why not sign up to run or cycle for your planet?

Woman smiling during the Three Peaks Challenge

Sell your clutter

When artist James wanted to declutter his studio, he decided he could use it as an opportunity to give back to the planet. So far, his paintings have raised over £3,000 for us!

Paintings leaning against a wall

Cash for crafts

Get crafty with your recycling, just like Lily here. This budding entrepreneur raised over £1,186 for us by turning her old unused toys into quirky earrings.

Girl selling Lego earrings