The Bee Cause

Farming for bees

03 Oct 2017
Discover how farmers can help bees and pollinating insects thrive on farmland, including providing food, shelter and cutting pesticide use.

Bee campaign successes

14 Sep 2017
Bees are in serious trouble, with 35 UK bee species under threat of extinction. But together, we have shown that we can be the generation to saves the bees.

49 of the best books about bees

21 Aug 2017
Looking for books about bees? There are a lot to choose from, so our panel of bee experts and the Friends of the Earth team have selected the best.

10 amazing facts about insects

21 Aug 2017
Insects, including bees, make up as many as three-quarters of animal species on Earth. And we've got a lot to thank this multitude of mini-beasts for.