Pupil holding air monitoring tube

Clean Air Schools

Educating a generation about air pollution

Clean Air Schools pack: satisfied customers

Year 4 pupils from Rosary Primary School in Birmingham used Friends of the Earth's Clean Air Schools pack to investigate the air quality around their school.

"The results made us think about the air we breathe in," says teacher Joe Perkins.

Watch the children and Joe put their air monitoring tubes through their paces.

Air pollution and children

Children are particularly vulnerable to dirty air. Health effects can include: asthma, reduced lung capacity and can even impact their brain development.

It is simply unacceptable.

That’s why we've created a brand new Clean Air Schools Pack.

The Pack, designed in conjunction with teachers, transforms pupils (KS2) into budding scientists. It provides engaging lesson plans that take them on a journey to understand air pollution, its effects and what we can do about it.

Clean Air Schools Pack

We'll send you:

  • 3 exciting lesson plans on air pollution, health impacts, and campaigning.
  • Colourful materials for your school walls on plants that reduce air pollution – and stickers for the children.
  • A fun and active school assembly on air pollution.

You’ll also receive two air monitoring tubes to test the quality of the schools' air. These enable students to understand how clean or dirty the school’s air is and in the process be part of our groundbreaking citizen science experiment.

97% of teachers and parents would recommend the pack

We've had wonderful feedback from parents and teachers who've used our Clean Air Schools Packs.

“I thought this was a great initiative and one that is appreciated by teachers and much supported by head teachers. It was great to have something that linked to mainstream media so readily.”

“Packs like these are so exciting for the children. More like this please.”

“I think this is a brilliant pack and leads to a lot of further learning, research and education."