Four women on a panel at the Friends of the Earth Groundswell event

Groundswell Climate action events

The clock is ticking. Less than 12 years – that's how long scientists say we have left to fix the climate.

Heatwaves, floods, forest fires in the Arctic – the effects of climate change are happening and the window of opportunity to act is closing.

Yet we have hope. The solutions to climate chaos are out there and by working together we can make them a reality.

In spring 2019 Groundswell will bring people together in Bristol, Birmingham, Cambridge, Darlington, London and Manchester.

Join us for a day of informative sessions, practical workshops and stimulating talks - and join others to take action against climate chaos.

Hope in the fight against climate change

The switch to clean renewable energy is happening at breathtaking speed. Fossil fuel companies that want to extract more coal, oil and gas are finding that people will no longer tolerate their future being put at risk.

A global movement of ordinary people is achieving extraordinary things in the fight to protect our planet. And almost every country in the world has committed to limit global warming — by signing the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

But we still need to act urgently. Join us at Groundswell and sign our petition to urge the government to tackle climate change.

Women at Climate march 2014

Climate action projects in Manchester

How can a community tackle climate change? Is it even possible?

A growing number of people around the country are taking action together, and achieving some inspiring results.

Watch this video to discover how residents in Manchester are cutting greenhouse gas emissions, increasing green space and getting more renewable energy on the grid.

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Interested in learning more about climate actions, events and solutions?

Join our group to keep up-to-date with climate campaigns, including keeping fossil fuels in the ground and developing renewable energy solutions.

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